Utah Department of Workforce Services Economists


Chief Economist

Carrie Mayne, WRA Director and Chief Economist

Carrie has been employed with the Department of Workforce Services for roughly 11 years. She began her career with DWS as the Bureau of Labor Statistics programs supervisor and then later moved to the supervisory role for the team of economists. Most recently, she took on the role of Chief Economist and Director of the Workforce Research and Analysis Division. Carrie holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Utah and is currently completing her PhD in the same field. She lives in Salt Lake with her husband and daughter.

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Mark Knold, Senior and Supervising Economist

Mark is both Senior and Supervising Economist for the Utah Department of Workforce Services. Mark has been an economist with DWS and its predecessor, the Utah Department of Employment Security, for 25 years. Mr. Knold has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Utah. During his years as an economist and Chief Economist, for DWS, Mark has authored many articles and newsletters dealing with the economic condition in Utah and its sub-state regions. He has served on committees that advise the governor, state economic councils, economic development agencies and legislative committees.

Mr. Knold is a native of Pennsylvania who came to Utah more than 33 years ago to pursue a career as a ski bum. He fell in love with the state’s attributes and has made it his home ever since.


Matt Schroeder, Regional Economist

Matt joined our team of DWS economists in January 2015. He and his family live in the Ogden area. Prior to coming to Utah he was an Industry Economist with the US Bureau of Economic Analysis in Washington DC. At BEA he specialized in the production of “GDP by Industry” and “Input-Output” statistics for the finance, insurance and real estate industries.

Mr. Schroeder is also a combat veteran of the Iraq War, having served four years in the US Army prior to pursuing his career as an economist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a master’s from John’s Hopkins University.

A Rocky Mountain native, Mr. Schroeder brings with him a love for this region – its character, its opportunities, its natural beauty and the people who call it home.

Scott Smith, Regional Economist

Scott has been employed by the Department of Workforce Services as a Regional Economist since October of 2015. Scott has previously served as the chief economist for the New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee and as chief economist for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. He has also been employed as a real estate portfolio manager at a state endowment and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designee.

He holds both bachelors and masters degrees in Economics from the University of New Mexico.

Cory Stahle, Regional Economist

Cory joined the Utah Department of Workforce Services in September 2015. Prior to becoming a labor market economist, Cory doubled as a retail store supervisor and full-time student at Weber State University and the University of Utah. As a student at the U of U, Cory obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics with additional studies in business and sociology.

Cory loves to study the impact which data and statistics have on daily life. When not playing with data and reading economics literature, he enjoys listening to and playing music and sports.

Lecia Langston, Regional Economist

Lecia has been an economist with the Utah Department of Workforce Services and its predecessor, the Utah Department of Employment Security, for more than 30 years. During six of those years, she served as Chief Economist for the Department of Employment Security. Then she heard the siren call of southern Utah and moved to the St. George area to become the only out-stationed economist in the state.

During her service as an economist for Utah, Ms. Langston has served as a president of the Wasatch Front Economic Forum (the local chapter of the National Association of Business Economists). She staffed Governor Bangerter's Workforce 2000 Committee and is a past advisor of the Governor's Economic Coordinating Committee.

Lecia is the author of several studies, including '"Hard at Work," "Women in the Utah Labor Force," "At Your Service: Utah's Service Economy," and "The Next Millennium, Utah Workforce 2000." She is the winner of several awards from the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies for excellence in labor market information publications.

Ms. Langston is a native Utahn, born in Richfield. She graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science.