Federal Bonding Program

How To Apply

Job applicants seeking bonding should apply in person at their local DWS office

Program Description

The Federal Bonding Program is a successful and unique job placement tool for at-risk job applicants. At no cost to the job applicant or employer, the program offers fidelity bonds to insure employers against any type of theft, forgery, larceny or embezzlement.


  • Any public, private, government or community-based organization may participate
  • Upon hire, bonded job applicants must work a minimum of 30 hours per week.
  • Bonds are issued, at no cost, directly to the employer for qualifying job applicants.
  • Bonds are issued in increments of $5,000 for a period of six months up to a maximum of $25,000.
  • Employers must be current with Unemployment Insurance reports and contributions.
  • Employers will need to provide their FEIN and UI ID to DWS.
  • DWS will handle all paperwork for the bond

The Program Serves:

  • Ex-offenders
  • Welfare recipients
  • Individuals with a history of substance abuse
  • Individuals who have been dishonorably discharged
  • Disadvantaged youth
  • Others with barriers to employment