Refugee Services

We envision a strong integrated community engaged to empower refugees' access to the family-sustaining employment necessary to succeed in Utah for generations to come.

Refugee integration is a dynamic process in which newcomers and the receiving community work together — resulting in a more secure, vibrant and cohesive society.

Our community resource team provides culturally and linguistically relevant services for refugees by:

  • Developing community support systems
  • Connecting refugees with existing resources
  • Creating new culturally-informed services
  • Supporting community capacity to maintain, network and integrate to mainstream society

Community & Family Support

  • Provide social service referrals and connections.
  • Provide support and opportunities for refugee communities to organize events to strengthen social connections and social bonding.
  • Creating new culturally-informed services
  • Provide case management, crisis interventions and advocacy to refugees who have been resettled in Utah for more than two years.

Health & Mental Health

  • Provide clinical mental health assessments for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) eligible customers.
  • Provide substance abuse, mental health and physical health referrals.
  • Provide education, workshops and resources to assist refugees with emotional, psychological and physical healing needs.

Education & Training

  • Adult Services
    • Provide leadership training to enhance collaboration among refugee communities.
    • Provide board training and organize community organization workshops.
    • Provide support and information to communities about available literacy training opportunities.
  • Women's Services
    • Provide assistance to help refugee women obtain employment skills through on-the-job training.
    • Provide assistance to help refugee women become employed in occupations paying a wage sufficient to meet basic needs for themselves and their families.
    • Provide literacy workshops for women to learn how to navigate and access information needed to care for themselves and families.
  • Youth Services
    • Provide youth leadership development to encourage teamwork and collaboration among different refugee communities.
    • Provide training, coordination and dialogue among schools and youth providers to address the academic needs of refugee youth in Utah.
    • Provide assistance and coordinate with colleges, providers and communities to facilitate college readiness events for refugee youth to prepare, apply and attend college.