World Refugee Day

2017 World Refugee Day

Saturday, July 15, 2017
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Liberty Park
600 East 1300 South
Salt Lake City

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Bring your friends and family to enjoy a fun and educational community event!

  • Admission is FREE

World Refugee Day festival includes:

  • Cultural entertainment
  • Global market
  • Spice Kitchen Food Festival
  • Refugee youth volleyball and soccer championship games
  • Kids’ activities
  • 5K "Run for Refugees" fun run/walk

Due to limited parking in the park, please plan to carpool, take public transit or ride your bike.

World Refugee Day — established by the United Nations General Assembly on Dec. 4, 2000 — is an annual commemoration to celebrate the strength and resilience of the refugee communities throughout the world, recognize the struggles faced by displaced populations, and raise awareness about refugee issues.

Questions? Please contact Jackie Rader 801-618-5096 or

2017 Food Festival

Namash Swahili Cuisine

Country: Somalia

Bajia Black eyed pea fritters - 10 for $4

Coconut beans and Chapati (pinto beans cooked in coconut milk, tomatoes & spices) served with Swahili flat bread made from scratch - $7

Curry goat and vegetable rice (curry spiced braised goat) - $10

Sikkim Momo

Country: Nepal

Chicken Momo (Nepali-style dumpling filled with chicken, ginger, cilantro & spices) served with vegetable salad with tomato sesame dressing - 8 Momo + salad - $10

Chicken Tikka Masala with white rice or mixed vegetable salad (chicken cooked in a spicy tomato cream sauce) - $8

Nepali spicy potatoes and spice garbanzo beans (potatoes cooked in spices and tomatoes; garbanzo beans cooked with spices and onions) - $6

Ashikat Kitchen

Country: Jordan

Baklava (layers of phyllo dough filled with walnuts drizzed in a sweet syrup and topped with pistachios) - 4 for $8

Ma'amoul (cookes filled with dates, coconut or sesame seeds) - 3 for $6

Besbusa Cake (Middle Eastern semolina cake drizzed with a sweet syrup, topped with almonds) - 3 for $4
Mother of All
Country: South Sudan

Sudanese style doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar - 6 for $4

Sambusa, beef or vegetable (dough filled with ground beef and spices or vegetables and fried) 4 for $6

Gima and vegetable rice combo (Gima potatoes, ground beef and Sudanese spice blend; served with vegetable rice) - $8
Noor Al Sham
Country: Syria

Chicken Shawarma wrap (filled with lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise) - $7

Shawarma combo plate (includes green salad, pita bread & rice) - $9

Kids meal (small shawarma wrap and juice) - $5
African Spice
Country: Sierra Leone

Fried spiced plaintains - $5

Grilled chicken or beef skewers with peanut sauce on the side - $6

Acheke Combo plate (Acheke shredded cassava root served with grilled chicken with peanut sauce on the side, spiced plaintains and vegetable salsa) - $10
Tigers Nest
Country: Bhutan

Vegetable Momo (Bhutanese-style vegetable dumpling served with tomato chutney) 8 for $6

Vegetable Somosa (filled with potatoes and spices served with tomato chutney) 2 for $4

Combo plate - vegetable somosa, vegetable momo and vegetable pakora (fried vegetable fritter, spinach, onion and spices) with chutney - $8
Falafel Al Jailawi
Country: Iraq

Falafel sandwich - $6

Beef Kuba (rice filled with ground beef and spices; served with green salad) - $5

Iraqi-style beef kebab - $10
Country: Burma

Green papaya salad - $5

Vegetable fried rice - $6

Chicken pad thai - $10

2017 Global Market

Best African Boutique
Country: Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Liberia
African clothing & jewelry
Sabu Help International
Country: Ghana
Basket and backpacks from Ghana
African Roots
Country: Congo
Goods from Congo
Deeya Antique
Country: Bhutan
Antiques, clothes & jewelry from Asia
Sudanese Henna
Country: Sudan
Henna artwork
Burundi Market
Country: Burundi
African clothes, wares & crafts
Karen Weaving Group
Country: Karen (ethnic group)
Woven scarves, bags & tops
African Culture Store
Country: South Sudan
African dresses, shoes & home goods
The Dominic Raimondo Foundation
Country: South Sudan
Handmade crafts
Heydar's Art
Country: Iran
Paintings, postcards & greeting cards

2017 Refugee Performers

Mon Community (Burma) — The Mon people come from Mon State in Burma. They wish to pass their cultural traditions and literature along to the next generation growing up in Utah. They want the next generation to be proud of their ancestors, their culture, and the history of the Mon people.

Watoto Wa Africa (Congo) — Watoto Wa Africa is a group of children from Africa representing the Congo. The dances are cultural traditional dances taught to help the children learn the traditions of their country.

Chinyabuguma bana beke (Congo) — The Chinyabuguma group is from the Congo. These women will perform a traditional dance of celebration.

Somali Youth Center (Somalia) — Youth from Somalia will recite poems they wrote as well has singing.

Somali Community Singers (Somalia) — The singers will perform two songs from Somalia.

Kirat Cultural Society of Utah (Bhutan) — The Kirat Cultural Society will perform a dance representing the Kirat religion and ethnic culture of Bhutan.

Bhutanese Community of Utah Cultural Dancers (Bhutan) — Carrying on the dance traditions all the way from Bhutan, these girls will dance to a romantic song about young love.

Newton Peter Gborway (Liberia) — Newton will share his past in order to motivate refugee youth to succeed.

Karen Community of Utah (Burma) — Karen people are one of the eight ethnic groups in Burma. Due to persecution by the Burmese military government over Karen people, they had to flee to Thailand for shelter where now there are nine big refugee camps along the Thai border. The Karen will perform a dance that is typically performed during the Wrist-Tying Ceremony in August or during the Kareni New Year.

Youth Hope Society (Syria) — The Youth Hope Society is a Syrian community non-profit organization. Their motto is “Hand in Hand, Go Build Tomorrow.” The children will perform a dance about Syrian children in war, followed by the adults dancing to traditional Syrian folk music.

Burundi Women and Youth Groups (Burundi) — The rich culture of Burundi is mostly based on local customs. The Burundi traditional dance often accompanies the drumming which is frequently seen in celebrations and family gatherings. Some Burundian artisans have special songs to accompany different stages of their work. With regards to dance, each region, in addition to main dances, has a specific kind of dance and drum.

Dinka All Stars (South Sudan) — This group from South Sudan will perform year-round cultural dances for marriage ceremonies, harvest time, and other special occasions.

Because He First Loved Us — Because He First Loved Us is a relational ministry to refugee families to meet spiritual, educational and practical needs through child and family mentoring and resource networking. They will perform cultural dances that are traditional for weddings and new dance styles learned in the United States.

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  • Welcome refugees

  • Traditional Karen weaving

  • Face painting

  • Soccer tournament

  • Burundi drummers

  • Summer treats

  • Activities for kids

  • Bhutanese dancer

  • Karen dancers

  • Watoto Wa African dancers

  • Best of Africa dancers

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