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Firms download is separated into two files. One file is for Salt Lake County employers and the other file is for all the other 28 counties in Utah.
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  • An on-line directory of 80,000 plus companies or businesses in Utah.*
  • How many companies are in Utah?
    All Companies that are covered by the Employment Security Act are listed in Firm Find. That includes over 80,000 worksites.

    Is there a fee to use FirmFind?
    No, this is a free service provided to the public by the Department of Workforce Services.
  • Business name, address, phone number, industry group, and employment size.
  • Where does the information on employers in FirmFind come from?
    Because of the Unemployment Insurance laws in Utah, most employers are required to report employment and wage information to the Department of Workforce Services for the purposes of administering unemployment insurance.

  • In addition to a statewide listing, company information by county or zip code is provided.
  • What specific information is available for the companies?
    Characteristics available in the database include company name, worksite address (street, city, zip code), phone number, and number of employees in a range (10-19, 20-49 employees, etc.). In the downloadable database the industry, ownership (private, federal, state, local government), and county code are also included.
  • Search options: by industry group, by occupation, by name and by size (number of employees) of the business.
  • What is an industry group? Industries are grouped under the coding structure supplied by the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). (See Searching by a particular industry will result in a listing of companies coded in that particular industry. For example, you can get a listing of all companies which manufacture glass, all hospitals, or all food stores.

    Why should I search for companies using a particular occupation? Because the Utah Department of Workforce Services surveys companies for occupational information, we can provide you with the industries—and firms—most likely to employ a particular occupation. If you are looking for work in a particular occupation, you’ll be able to obtain a listing of companies in industries which typically employ that occupation.

    Why should I search for a particular company? You can obtain a listing of firms in the same industry by searching for that company and then selecting the NAICS code (North American Classification System) provided. For example, if you’d like a listing of all companies in the same industry as Joe’s Ball Factory, search by company name and then select the listed NAICS code.

    How do I find the medium-sized companies in a particular area? Choosing the largest companies option will provide a listing of companies sorted by employment size—from large to small. This was you can isolate small, medium, or large firms in a particular area.
  • Download your search results or the entire directory.
  • How can I sort the data the way I want? You can choose to download a particular search or the whole database. Then use your particular spreadsheet program to sort the information.

    Do I have to download the whole database just to get information on one industry or county? No. You can conduct your search then download just the information you wish.
  • Updated twice yearly with March and September information.
  • How current is this information? The database is updated twice yearly—in March and September and reflects the information for the time period listed.

    *Some employers are exempt from reporting employment and wage information to the Department of Workforce Services. Unless they have voluntarily provided their data, it is not included in this database.

    Note: Some firms in size class 0 to 4 employees have zero employees. This means that the business is active but in the specific reporting month of this listing they had no payroll employees.

    **Updated March 2017 - reflecting information as of September 2016

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