Work Success Requirements

Work Success cares about your employment success. Your Work Success Coach is committed to helping you successfully find and keep a job that works for you. You will get out of Work Success what you put in and that means being committed to attending every day, being fully engaged in job-finding activities and following the Work Success Guidelines.

Work Success has a Performance Policy which includes two actions: 1) Formal Warning - critical conversation and problem-solving session with the coach, and 2) Performance Improvement - critical conversation with the coach and exit from the program. These actions are implemented for arriving late, leaving early, not showing up, not fully participating, inappropriate dress, disruptive behavior and a poor attitude.

A participant who receives both a Formal Warning and Performance Improvement action will no longer be eligible to participate in the Work Success program. Participants working with an Employment Counselor will be referred for problem resolution, ongoing assessment or reassignment to other employment related activities. This decision will be based on individual circumstances.