Employee Success


Annual 2013 Cornerstone Excellence Award Winners

Employee success is a key component of Jon Pierpont’s vision for DWS and a powerful element in our department’s success. This initiative drives employee performance, accomplishment, and continuous improvement all year long.

Empowered employees will be successful and will strive to provide excellent customer service.


Operational Excellence - Brent F.
Brent managed a series of projects including reconciling computer port charges and electronic purchases, which led to a direct savings of approximately $500,000. Brent demonstrated how to best employ resources and has controlled the flow of new purchases to better utilize budgeted dollars.



Community Connections - Joseph N.
Working with organizational leaders in Utah, Joseph helped develop the organizational capacity to better integrate members in Utah. Joseph helped to form over 20 refugee community organizations and established programs to promote the success of refugees re-settling in Utah, including parent education, after school homework/life, teen programs, a conflict resolution course and two refugee soccer programs. Joseph actively engages our community partners to strengthen Utah’s quality of life.

Employee Success - Alice E.
Alice demonstrated dedication to employee training which directly contributed to Utah being ranked among the top three states in the US Department of Labor Core Measures of First Payment Timeliness and Non-Monetary Determination Timeliness, as well as Separation and Non -separation Quality Scores for the past 4 years. Alice was nationally recognized and is clearly focused on both the interests of the team and the individuals around her.

Exceptional Customer Service
This employee has asked to remain anonymous
This employee went above and beyond to develop a partnership with a local Dental Hygiene School seeking dental care for DWS customers at little or no cost. The recipient helped to arrange visits to the Employment Center by a dental van resulting in dental services for our customers which included free dental exams, oral cancer screening, x-rays, teeth-cleaning and fluoride varnish.